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The History of Ramla

In June 1980

Nihonbashitei No. 1 was opened

In May 1982

Nihonbashitei Corporation Co,. Ltd was established.

In 1985

The parent corporation was established in Yoyogi.

In 1986

The restaurant transformed to big-scale restaurant.

In 1988

The corporation renamed as gRamlah.

In 1992

Suburban restaurant specialized in crab cooking gShell Fish- Vegetable Crab Gardenh was opened.

In 1994

The parent corporation moved to Chitose Sumida-ku.
gBurasuri Nihonbashiteih renamed gAjikoubo Nihonbashiteih

In 1997

In order to enrich the function of the head office and also improve the training facility The parent corporation moved to central area Nihhonbashi Odenmacho

In 1998

Ajiyikkon. Tofuro.Dreaming Road, Grilled Sumiyaki, Torigen, Japanese Cuisine House. Umean were opened.

In 1999

Hand-made, Dining, gKurabitoh was opened.

In 2000

Mainland Chinese cuisine restaurant gKamonkahbegan its business.

In 2001

gObanzai and Japanese wine Kyocyoya,h Chinese Ten sum restaurant gNabehari Tenshin Bouh were opened

In 2002

gCasual New York Style Silver Rabbith and g Little Kitchen Ototo hopened

In 2003

Tofu. Rice. Grilled kyoumaru & The Shi Ku Men House---- Shanghai small steamed dumpling were opened.

In 2004

Korean restaurant gTokorih was opened.

In 2005

Japanese restaurant gNichigetukah,and@French gGintoh were opened in Ginza, gKamonkah, gTokorih and gOtotoh were opened in Ueno.

In 2006

gShanghai Cyusabouhwas opened.The central kitchen is start to production.


Presently we own 120 Japanese food restaurants, 2 Western food restaurants, 8 Chinese food restaurants, 3 Korean food restaurants and 6 sea food restaurants.